Membership Options

Client Education Module

Duration: 4 months

  • Provides white-labeled documents to brand your service with our materials
  • Learn how to instruct so that clients have maximum absorption of principles you believe are important to learn
  • Educate clients to have a new perspective on:
    • Performance chasing
    • Being fearful in bear markets
    • Steering away from their overarching plan

Client Communication Module

Duration: 4 months

  • Learn about each personality type and bias profile
  • Create a system of communication for each style of personality
  • Accelerate Trust and rapport with clients (which may lead to more referrals overtime)
  • Understand the mechanisms that influence clients decision-making process
  • Build systems for client engagement

Advisor Decision-Making, Portfolio Design & Research Module

Duration: 4 months

  • Analyze risk-based portfolios addressing behavioral & economic needs
  • Differentiate yourself from the market without relying on performance selling
  • Create a framework for investment decision making
  • Gain conviction behind portfolio decisions
  • How risk-managed strategies may achieve low downside correlation with high upside correlation

Full Coaching Program

Duration: 12 months

  • Receive extensive training sessions on all 3 modules
  • 12 Weeks of weekly Training calls
  • 9 Months of monthly Implementation calls
  • Constant feedback loop from the team following our scientist-practitioner model