Toews Asset Management’s Launch of the Behavioral Investing Institute Brings Coaching Program to Financial Advisors, Institutions

Toews Asset Management’s Launch of the Behavioral Investing Institute Brings Coaching Program to Financial Advisors, Institutions
September 10, 2020 admin

NEW YORK (September 14, 2020) — Today, Toews Asset Management, a New York-based advisory firm with $1.8 billion in assets under management, announces the official launch of its Behavioral Investing Institute, a behavioral training and coaching service for financial advisors and institutions that wish to enhance their practice management offerings. The Behavioral Investing Institute is now welcoming new consultations.

“We built the Behavioral Investing Institute coaching program after nearly a decade of research, training and feedback from real advisors,” remarked Felipe “Phil” Toews, CEO of Toews Asset Management. “We feel behavioral finance is an overlooked component of financial services and one that requires hands-on coaching to be truly grasped and put into practice. Now, arguably more than ever, is a time when financial advisors should be equipped with all the tools to sustain, improve and grow relationships with old and new clients. An understanding of decision making, investor tendencies and portfolio design is a core component of what we want advisors to take away from our training.”

The cutting-edge Behavioral Investing Institute provides an immersive and customized training schedule for advisors individually or in groups. Their coaching program attempts to help advisors transform and differentiate their practices by becoming behavioral coaches to their clients. To achieve this, the Behavioral Investing Institute assesses the use and application of behavioral guidance tools that seek to change the way clients perceive and emotionally respond to varying market environments. In addition, each advisor or institution will have a seasoned behavioral finance expert to walk them through every step of the process.

“We do not teach abstract theory or add to an advisor’s vocabulary of phrases that end in with the word, “bias,’” said Dan Kullman, Director of Education and Training at Toews Asset Management. “The Behavioral Investing Institute teaches actionable steps that can guide advisors to make adjustments and improvements to their businesses that potentially lead to better relationships with clients. We want to help advisors address emerging investor issues and behavioral biases that could impact their decision-making. It’s important to understand these triggers to create an exceptional client experience and attempt to enhance relationships.”

Toews Asset Management’s behavioral finance experts have educated over 140 advisors about behavioral finance.

“Clients, traditionally speaking, hire a financial advisor to manage their money — not realizing that person should be a behavioral coach too,” stated Kullman. “We see this as an opportunity for advisors to grow their businesses in an increasingly uncertain market environment by improving their knowledge and ability to work with clients, even in more dire situations.”

To learn more about the Behavioral Investing Institute, click here.

About Toews Asset Management:
Toews Asset Management is an SEC registered investment advisor founded in1994. Most investors hope to avoid losses and realize growth. Toews builds portfolios that primarily seek to reduce risk of loss in crisis environments, as well as attempt to participate in market gains. Our process is not based on subjective or predictive methodology. It has used a heavily researched and price-reactive algorithm since 1996 that provides a signal for investment exit and re-entry points. The Behavioral Investing Institute is a coaching program sponsored by Toews Asset Management, which is a for-profit entity that is registered as an investment advisor with the Securities Exchange Commission and is not an educational institution.

For additional information about the Behavioral Investing Institute, including fees and services, send for our disclosure statement as set forth on Form ADV by contacting Behavioral Investing Institute at 1750 Zion Road, Suite 201, Northfield, NJ 08225-1844 or (877) 863-9726.
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