Behavioral Investing Institute

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Implementation


Behavioral Coaching For Advisors

Learn how to implement behavioral finance into your business

What You Can Expect From BII

  • Better client communication
  • Tools to help grow your business
  • Systems to manage client behaviors & emotions
  • Ongoing access to behavioral guidance, coaching, and software
  • Portfolio research addressing economic & psychological needs

BII Is For Advisors Who

  • Want to create a predictable process around uncovering clients needs
  • Desire to learn how to accelerate trust and deepen client relationships
  • Believe in the importance of clients stay the course during uncertain markets
  • Seek business efficiency to allow for more freedom in how they operate there practice
  • May not have the time or resources to create their own content

Coaching Programs

The Behavioral investing Institute offers a host of modules and customized curriculum for both individuals and teams. We have a comprehensive approach to learning that not only takes into account your learning style, but also ensures that the information taught is turned into skills that are implemented into practice.

Before entering into our programs, we provide a full needs analysis to understand your specific goals and challenges and how we can best adapt our programs to your unique location and client base. Though we can tailor to other demands, Behavioral Investing Institute focuses on three domains: advisor decision making, client education, and client communication.

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